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Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #8 - Training, Trio, Tracting, Talks & Temple

Hey y'all!

I am officially half-way done with training!  I have been in the mission field for 6 weeks now and guess whaaaat!  My companion and I, Sister Peterson, were told by our President last night that we will be training!!!  I am so excited!!  We will be in a Trio and both of us will help train . . . even though I haven't even finished my own training yet.  President must really trust or something!  Haha, but that was probably the most interesting thing that has happened this week!  Since it's summer, most of our investigators are out of town and it's been hard trying to set appointments, but we have been tracting a lot and looking for more investigators!  It's been really great!

Sister Pinster and Sister Peterson
Houston Texas Temple

Yesterday we gave talks in Sacrament Meeting and I never realized how much I love giving talks!  My topic was service . . . which is my favorite thing to talk about and do!  After church, we were able to go to a mission fireside called, "Why I Believe."  It was super cool because converts were the only ones that spoke and they talked about their conversion stories!  The whole point of these firesides is to get our investigators and recent converts there to feel the Spirit and wowwwww it was so strong!!  We were invited to sing in the choir and that was definitely a very powerful experience! 

"Why I Believe" Fireside
This week, we were able to have another reactivation.  Sister Henderson!  We actually tracted into her one of the first days I was here and after that, we have been working with her and reading the Book of Mormon with her a couple days a week.  This week we commited her to come back to church and she told us how much she needed the motivation to get back on her feet and she came to church!!  What a Miracle!  Normally she works on Sundays, but she was able to get it off!
This past week went by soooo fast!  But on Thursday we were able to go to the Houston Temple!  I actually live less than 2 miles away from the temple and pass it a couple times a week.  This week, our District was able to go and do a session.  WOW!  The Houston Temple is so beautiful and we are extremely blessed to live so close to it!

At the Temple with my wonderful district . . . hahaha love them!

This next week will be interesting since it's a Holiday weekend.  The 4th in July in Texas is HUGE!  But I am excited to meet our new sister and to work in a Trio!  It should be super fun! :) 

Love you all and have a great week!! :) 

Sister Pinster

Surviving Storm "Bill"

Car Maintenance FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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