MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #69 - Temple, Family History and Prepared Peeps!

Hey Y'all!

This week has been great!  We are teaching a lot of people right now but still making sure we build up our teaching pool by finding new people as well!

We started teaching this woman, Rhonda, who truly is a miracle!  She was a self referral from headquarters and we tried to visit her before but we talked with her mom instead.  Well, last week she accidentally friended a member on Facebook and they started chatting about the gospel!  Rhonda told the member she is waiting for missionaries to bring her a Book of Mormon!  Sooo we taught her on Friday and she told us she is searching for truth and feels as though she has been led here!  The members are soooo great at answering her questions and she also came to church and LOVED it!  We feel super great about her and we are seeing her tonight as well to have an FHE with some of the members.  We hope to see her baptized next month because she truly is so prepared.  Miracles!

We also were able to go to the Temple this week on Wednesday!  What an incredible experience.  I was able to do all the work for one of MY ancestors that I had personally found ... she is actually my Great-Great-Great-Great Aunt! I love going to the Temple and feeling the spirit there, there is no place like it.

Temple with almost the whole Zone!

WE HAD OUR FIRST OFFICIAL FAMILY HISTORY CLASS IN CROCKETT THIS WEEK!  We had over 12 people there, which is super great for the 1st class!  Yay!

Exchanges with Sister Dickson!  I got to be a YSA Missionary for a day.  Super fun!

Met up with the Sisters in The Woodlands for lunch.  YUM!

We gave talks in Sacrament Meeting this week in Crockett and talked about missionary work as well.

Also, Sister Harris and I are staying together for another transfer!  Whoot whoot! I love her and this area! 

Love my cute comp!
This is in one of our small towns, NORMANGEE.
Soooo much to do and so little time! It hit me that I truly only have 12 weeks left to serve as a full-time missionary and I plan on making it the best 3 months ever!  :)

Love y'all so much and I love the work!

Enjoy the pictures!

Sister Pinster

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #68 - Move In Week

Hey Y'all!

Well, this week has gone by super fast and we spent a lot of time packing actually ....

WE OFFICIALLY HAVE TWO APARTMENTS IN OUR AREA! Yay! :)  We moved in and unpacked and man does it feel nice to be moved in!  The last 5 weeks we have been living in our suitcases and on the go all the time!  

My Address:

901 E. Morris #B
Madisonville, TX  77864

I don't have much time today to write, but I do want to bear my testimony to y'all ...

I know the Church is true and that this truly IS Christ's Church.  He is at the head and leads and guides us through His living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  I am so grateful for Sundays and the opportunity we have to partake of the sacrament to always remember Christ.  I love being a part of the Lord's church and helping others see the miracles of being a part of His church.

We have been working with a less active family who hadn't been to church in a while and ALL FIVE OF THEM CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!  What a miracle!  It was so great seeing them come and partake of the sacrament and be refreshed.

I love the gospel and I love serving in the Madisonville and Crockett Branches.

This week we are able to go to the Temple and I'm soooo excited!

Thanks again y'all for the bday wishes!  It truly was the best bday!

Love y'all and have a great week! :)

Sister Pinster

Elder and Sister Wilding--We are officially neighbors with them now!
(Sister Harris and Sister Pinster)

This is our dirty truck this week - BIG RED - thank goodness it's been raining!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BDay Pictures and Fun at Grapeland Safari

The Deans came over to wish me a Happy Birthday and the
Branch Primary kids and YW made me cards ... so much love!

At GRAPELAND SAFARI - I love the Zebras!

Feeding this cutie!
Selfie with the Safari!
Sooo many animals = HEAVENLY!

The Camels were trying sooo hard to get the FOOD!

And this "little" guy followed us around the WHOLE time.
He was my twin with our matching hair - haha


Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #67 - BDay PDay and Life is a ZOO!

Hey y'all!
First off ... THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME A BDAY WISH TODAY!  I have never felt so loved in my life!  Y'all are the BEST!! :)

Sorry if I wasn't able to respond too much but today has been one CRAZY FUN day!

We went to the Grapeland Safari today and we were able to pet and feed Zebras, Camels, deer and LOTS of other animals! The Wildings, my fav senior missionary couple, took us there!  They made me a Birthday Breakfast at their place and even invited one of my favorite families to come as well!  It's been such a great day!  I will send pictures, don't worry!

We were also able to give some service to one of the less active members in our branch and helped out at her farm!  Let's just say I've had LOTS of animal interactions this week and it's been so great!

On another note, we were able to officially start advertising for our Family History Class we will be having in Crockett at the Library.  When we told the members, they were so excited!  And the Branch President gave a power testimony during church on how this class is the answer to their prayers on how to get more involved with the community!

Anyways, life as a missionary has never been better and this week we should officially be moving in our apartments in both of our areas!  No biggie, it's only been 5 weeks since we got here... Haha :)

We also had zone conference this week!!  So inspiring! But the Self family blessed their baby yesterday and when they come to church this week they will officially be reactivated! And we also started working with another part member family and are working on getting them to the Temple as well.  Great things are happening!

The gospel is true and families are FOREVER!

I love y'all soooo much and thanks again for making this day so special!

Have a great week!

Sister Pinster

You know you are serving in the country when your WHOLE District gets NEW TRUCKS!


Zone Conference with these lovely Hermanas

This horse has BLUE EYES!  So pretty!

Working on the farm with our boots and jeans!  Lovin it!

This Rottweiler was lovin on me just as much as I was lovin on him  :)

Moving this big bail of hay off the truck so the horses can have dinner!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week #65 - Tow Trucks, Cowboy Church and BAPTISMS!


Literally one of the most eventful weeks of my LIFE!  I loveeee the mission life. :)

So the week was busy and we were able to receive about 7 REFERRALS from the members!  They are crazy about missionary work and really want us to teach their friends!  It's so awesome! :)

On Saturday, it was KRISTY AND JACOB HERNANDEZ's BAPTISM in Waller!  It was so great seeing them and seeing them take this wonderful step in their life!  It so much fun going back to Waller and seeing all of my favorite people! :) but let me tell you ... it was one stressful day!  Haha We didn't have keys to the church so we had to get them from the Elders ... hence the pic with Elder Atkinson! We were literally matching with our boots, pinkish outfits and red hair. Then, we were going to sing a song for the baptism but our pianist didn't know how to play the song ... so we sang "Come Follow Me."  It was the first time Sis. Breinholt and I sang it together!  Haha so crazy.  We had a great time at the baptism and Kristy invited a lot of her non-member family.  We briefly taught the Restoration to them and bore testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel!  We didn't get home until after 10:00 since we had to drive all the way back to our area ... haha but this is why I am here! To be a tool for the Lord to use to help guide His children back to Him!

Okay so that was Saturday.  On Sunday we went to the Crocket Branch!  So cute!  About 40 people came and it was so fun!  We had dinner with the Deans, who then invited us to go to a multi-faith gathering at the COWBOY church.  Y'all have no idea how bad I've wanted to go to one of their services, and last night people from all over the community went.  But one small problem ... we accidentally locked our keys in our car!  Whooooops.  We had to call a tow truck and we felt so bad since it was the Sabbath!  But it was cool because we gave the tow truck driver a card and invited him to come to church and learn, and he was totally interested!  Maybe it was all meant to be! :)

This week has been crazy and tomorrow we are finally getting a truck!  We go on at least 2 dirt roads a day visiting people and we are destroying our nice, cute 2015 Corolla ... but country life is so great and I'm excited to see the miracles happening in the next couple of weeks! :)

Here are some pics from the week!

Love y'all and have a great day!

Sister Pinster!

OH my new address is:

901 E Morris #B
Madisonville, TX  77864

Before the Baptism

Elder Atkinson ... with our boots and pink outfits!
Love my Waller people!

After the Baptism
Look who came and took us to lunch! The Larsen's from Hearne and Caldwell!

Oh and this is the new senior couple in our area! The WILDINGS! They are SO AWESOME AND CUTE!

We got to see Sister Soto!!!  Love her!

Saw this tracking one night