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Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #67 - BDay PDay and Life is a ZOO!

Hey y'all!
First off ... THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME A BDAY WISH TODAY!  I have never felt so loved in my life!  Y'all are the BEST!! :)

Sorry if I wasn't able to respond too much but today has been one CRAZY FUN day!

We went to the Grapeland Safari today and we were able to pet and feed Zebras, Camels, deer and LOTS of other animals! The Wildings, my fav senior missionary couple, took us there!  They made me a Birthday Breakfast at their place and even invited one of my favorite families to come as well!  It's been such a great day!  I will send pictures, don't worry!

We were also able to give some service to one of the less active members in our branch and helped out at her farm!  Let's just say I've had LOTS of animal interactions this week and it's been so great!

On another note, we were able to officially start advertising for our Family History Class we will be having in Crockett at the Library.  When we told the members, they were so excited!  And the Branch President gave a power testimony during church on how this class is the answer to their prayers on how to get more involved with the community!

Anyways, life as a missionary has never been better and this week we should officially be moving in our apartments in both of our areas!  No biggie, it's only been 5 weeks since we got here... Haha :)

We also had zone conference this week!!  So inspiring! But the Self family blessed their baby yesterday and when they come to church this week they will officially be reactivated! And we also started working with another part member family and are working on getting them to the Temple as well.  Great things are happening!

The gospel is true and families are FOREVER!

I love y'all soooo much and thanks again for making this day so special!

Have a great week!

Sister Pinster

You know you are serving in the country when your WHOLE District gets NEW TRUCKS!


Zone Conference with these lovely Hermanas

This horse has BLUE EYES!  So pretty!

Working on the farm with our boots and jeans!  Lovin it!

This Rottweiler was lovin on me just as much as I was lovin on him  :)

Moving this big bail of hay off the truck so the horses can have dinner!

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