MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #81 - BEGIN with the END in Mind!

Hey y'all!  (. . . for the last time from Texas!)

This is such a bittersweet email for me because it's my last one as a missionary! The last 18 months of my life have truly been some of the best. I have grown so much and have learned to truly rely on the Savior. My full-time mission may be ending, but being a disciple of Christ is a life-long journey. I have met some the BEST people in the world here in Texas and a piece of my heart will always be here.

This week has truly been one to remember! On Tuesday, we had ZONE Conference! I was able sing with Sister Selee, Elder Okelberry and Elder Misa! We sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and Elder Taylor played the piano. It was so wonderful sharing our talents and truly feeling the spirit SO STRONG! I was able to give my "Dying Testimony" and I bore it all on how the Savior heals us.

I just love being a missionary! 
We set a baptismal date with MICHAEL JACKSON THIS WEEK AND CONLEY CAME TO CHURCH!  Best week EVER!

I want to end my email with a bunch of pictures and the story of a beautiful Convert, Mary Cromo.  Mary had requested a Bible on the internet when the ad for a Free Bible came up. She was very surprised to have two missionaries show up on her door step a day later!  The Elders had a hard delivering her Bible because of the three pit bulls right outside...but they got it to her and were able to give her a Book of Mormon! She wasn't sure how to respond because she was very involved in a church, but accepted the gift.

A couple weeks later, she heard another knock on the door and it was the Elders again! They asked if she had read the Book of Mormon, but she hadn't...they read it with her and left her with a promise. If she would read it with a sincere heart and ask to know that it is true with real intent, she would receive her answer!

Mary went through some ups and downs with her family, church family, and friends, but she was beginning to see the truth. Then, one Sunday, she decided to come to church at the LDS church! She felt the spirit so strong and knew it must be true.

Then, Sister Selee and I came into the picture.  Mary was baptized a couple weeks later and has never been happier!  This was in August 2015 and this past weekend, I was able to witness the most precious and spiritual thing of my life. Mary Cromo was able to go through the Temple to receive her Endowment. All of her missionaries were able to be there and it was the most joyous reunion I have ever had! Seeing beautiful Mary Cromo in all white again made my heart and soul so happy!

My first day in Houston, Texas, President Mortensen took us to the Houston Temple grounds and told us to always "Begin with the end in Mind!"  Baptism is the key and getting to the Temple is another step closer to receiving eternal life. I am so thrilled for Mary and for all that she has become and done in this life. She is my inspiration and truly has helped ME in so many ways.

I want to bear my testimony that I KNOW God has a plan for each of us!

He loves us so dearly because we are His children. He has given us the restored truths to help us get back to Him! I love the Book of Mormon and know it truly is the Word of God!

I love each and everyone of y'all and I am excited for the next chapter of my life!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season! :)

See y'all in two!
(Two days that is...)

Sister Pinster

Here are the pics!

Dying photo featuring Bear Creek Zone

I love Katy!

It was Elder Misa's BDay and we threw a party!

His mom sent us all LAVA-LAVAS (from New Zealand)
It was the best!
LOVE the Katy North District!


Mary Cromo at the temple with the Caldwell crew

Mary's baptism and then 1 year later at Mary's temple endowment

Sister Selee and Sister Pinster 

BEAT IT! Michael Jackson is getting baptized on Christmas Eve1

Conley and Sister P

Saying goodbye to Paris

My companion (Sister Dummer) is so talented!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey y'all!!

So this week has been so so fun! We were able to go to the Temple and it was super great!

So many Miracles ... We have officially started teaching a former investigator who has come to church a couple times and is already well fellowshipped!  His name is Michael Jackson and he is super prepared!  And he's a REDHEAD! We should be setting a baptismal date with him tomorrow! He believes in the Book of Mormon and in the church and feels like NOW is his time to be a part of it! It's been a wonderful week and he is super excited! :)

We are so excited for this area and I'm so excited for this last week!

I can't believe it's been 18 months already ... and I have loved every minute of it! :)

Love y'all and enjoy the pics!

Sister Pinster


Temple Trip with the District

Car Ride to the Temple

Cutest little boy EVER!

Almost Fall Time!  We are loving it!

On Exchanges, and met the cutest Hispanic man!  :)


with Cindy and Sister Selee

JUMPING PHOTO with my best friend!

BCZ - Bear Creek Zone

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #79 - 18 Months and Still Going STRONG!

Hello y'all!

So yesterday marked 18 months from the day I left Oregon to travel to the MTC!  What an amazing and incredible 18 months it has been! I have grown sooo much and I have truly learned how to rely on the Savior. I love this gospel and I LOVE sharing it others!  I want to thank y'all for the wonderful examples y'all have set for me and I love y'all so so much! :)

This week has been a crazy one!  It was MLC on Tuesday, I was sick the rest of the week, ZONE Meeting on Friday, Exchanges for the weekend, an African Bday Party on Saturday and church!  Crazy busy!
MLC was soooo fun and bittersweet because it was my last one but I loved it so much. BEAR CREEK is killing it and President M gave our ZONE shout-outs throughout the whole thing.  Unity is what we have been focusing this last transfer and I've never felt so united as a ZONE!
We have a goal as a mission of getting 600 baptisms in the Year 2016 and we are so close right now!  Our zone has committed to get 23 more in the next 2 months and we are ALL IN TO GET IT!

I gave a training at ZONE Meeting about Diligence and Finding JOY in the Journey! (I even made handouts...) I love being a missionary and I LOVE my Bear CREEK ZONE!

Life is soooo good and miracles are happening in Katy!  Sister Dummer is my favorite and she is just so sweet and talented!

I have a lot of pics this week tooooo! :)

But have a great week y'all!

The FAB 3 at our last MLC
(Mission Leadership Conf)

Look who's an STL now!  My Baby!!!

Some of my fav blondes


Serious Faces

These are my people ... These are MY people!

BCZ LEADERSHIP pic ... no caption needed

Leadership Handout