MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey y'all!

Okay, so I actually didn't go to Prison BUT we did get to tour one here in Waller!  One of our members has started a program to help decrease social problems in the community by helping inmates receive a college education, and we are able to help out in this program!  So that was fun. Haha I will keep y'all posted on how everything plays out in prison! 

So on Thursday, it started to rain ... but not just rain, STORM!  Like for hours and hours.  We were out at an appointment when it started to rain, and we knew it was suppose to get bad so we decided to head back home.  (My area takes about an hour to drive from one side to the next.)  Well, we were out in the country of course and on back roads ...

My comp and I were a little nervous because of all of the rain and the water on the roads and our GPS was trying to take us on a really flooded road.  I started to get more nervous because by now it is dark and we could barely drive the rain was so thick!  We pulled over, said a prayer and INSTANTLY a wave of peace hit me.  I knew we were going to be just fine if we took the next right and headed towards town, which was the opposite way home. Needless to say, we made it back to the freeway.

But, once we got to our road, the creek was flooded and we couldn't cross it to get to our house! Haha Thank goodness the member we live with was helping us the whole way because she was traveling home as well!  We had to leave our cars down the road and her husband plowed through the road in his truck to rescue us.  We were finally home safe in our apartment around 10:30 pm.
Talk about a crazy mission story.
The next morning we learned about the 2 tornados that hit 30 minutes away from our apartment.  Scary.  But it is kind of nice not knowing about everything and having the faith all will be fine.  Our members are great about informing as well, don't worry. :) 

But yes, so that was my week and it rained AGAIN on Friday and we had to go into Cypress for a meeting and it took us over 3 hours to get home (when it usually takes us about 45 minutes). Crazy.  The flooding was worse this time than in April, and all of the houses that flooded got it worse.  One of the houses we helped clean up last time received 3 feet of water! 

Anyways, I have a lot of miracles to share as well! 

The McCorkle boys are set for June and they had their interview this weekend.  Also, one of the members brought her friend to church yesterday and they want us to start teaching them!  Miracle!  And one of the recent converts, Dena, has been living with some of the members due to the flood because they lost their house and we have started teaching her whole family now! :)

I love life as a missionary and it's crazy to think I have been doing this for a year!  I love Waller, I love Sister Breinholt and I love the gospel.

Oh, and I am super excited to have a another "missionary in training" with us this week! President has asked if we could take on another sister who wants to go on a "mini mission" and so this week she is going to be with us! 

It's going to be a crazy busy week but super fun and full of miralces! :) 

Wow--sorry this email is so long, but I guess it will make up for last week's super short one! Haha

I love you guys and have a great and safe week! :) 

Sister Pinster 

Visiting the Waller County Prison.  Haha

Normally, there is not water here ...

I tried to get a shot of some lightning!
Flood Damage - this is the road we drive every day to get to our house.

This WAS a super nice car ...

One of the families we are teaching and some members took us out to get BIG PIZZA!  Yum!

And, my classic animal picture of the week.  A cute Bunny!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #55 - Zone Conference AND Missionary Fireside

Hey y'all!

Well, this week has been full of lots of great things!

I just love being a missionary.  It's the best sharing this gospel with ones who have been waiting for it!  It's also a blessing being able to learn so much about it as well! 

This week we were able to learn from our Missionary President about the Plan of Salvation! Not just about the diagram, but how it is truly all about Agency.

One of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon right now is 2 Nephi 2!  If you haven't read this chapter recently, do it! It's such a great chapter and truly explains the plan!

Also, if you get a chance read Elder Oaks talk from this last conference, "Opposition in All Things!" :)

I am just so grateful for this gospel and the Book of Mormon AKA Book of Answers.

I love you all and have a great week!  Sorry it's short again but I have LOTS of pictures! :)

Oh and my address is:

Sister Taylor Pinster
38860 Wyatt Chapel Rd
Hempstead, TX 77445

Sister Selee  - LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!

My favorite HERMANA!

I found CINDY and Sister Butler at Missionary Fireside!  Cuties!

All in ONE picture - Mom, Sisters, Daughters & Granddaughter

Monday, May 16, 2016


Hey Y'all!

This week has been super awesome! :)

Life is great and I love sharing the Gospel!  It is seriously the best! 

We have started teaching some more families and we are excited to help them progress in the gospel!  We were able to teach Terrie and her family the Restoration and the spirit was so STRONG!  It truly bore witness to ALL of us the truthfulness of the restored gospel! :) 

We found a cute lizard while tracting this week and we took some pictures with it and then we placed it back on the tree ... Two minutes later we turn around and we see him in the mouth of a Bird.  Super depressing.  haha  Life is too short, even for our cute little friend, Stanley. 

STANLEY's first and last photo shoot
I was also able to go on exchanges with Sister Talbot this week (my granddaughter in the mission)!  Super fun! 

On exchanges with Sister Talbot - LOVE her!

We have been tracting and teaching a lot lately and doing LOTS of family history with our classes we help teach to non-members!  We have actually been able to find a couple people to teach through the classes!  I love doing family history now. :) 

This week is Zone Conference and I am super excited to see all of the wonderful missionaries, (especially my "mom," Sis. Peterson)  and saying goodbye as this is their last transfer!  Bittersweet! 

Anyways, Life is SO good and I hope y'all have a wonderful week!  Sorry it's kind of short but love you all and keep on SMILIN' !

Sister Pinster

BUCEE'S is a BIG thing here in Waller, Texas, so we got some cute t-shirts!

Deja Vu to 14 years ago with SHADOW, my cat back in Oregon

Our favorite Librarians!

Out to Lunch!  

Getting ready for another big Texas Storm!

Monday, May 9, 2016



So this week has been another great one!  Lots of miracles and I just LOVE my cute new companion.  She was made for the country as well. :)  We sure have a lot of fun together as well as we see lots of great things happening!

It is so weird for me to think the next time I see my family again will be at the airport ...Time truly is FLYING!

I don't have a whole bunch of time today but Mother's Day was so great and it was great skyping with the BEST MOM EVER! :)  And seeing the rest of my amazing family!  I have pictures to send but I will have to send them later on today. 

MLC AND Zone Meeting was this week!  Seriously being a missionary is the best and I love being able to be a part of the leadership counsel.  President Mortensen is such an inspired leader and I feel so blessed to be in this mission with him. 

The church is true and my testimony in trials has truly been strengthen these last couple of months but I know we got through them to learn!  I have learned so much and I am so grateful to know I have a Savior and Heavenly Father who truly love me and are ALWAYS on my side. :) 

I love the gospel and I LOVE teaching people about the joy of eternal families!  I love reading the Bible and Book of Mormon every day and serving with some of the best missionaries out there in the BEST MISSION!  THM for life. 

Love y'all so much!  Have a fantastic week! :) 

Sister Pinster
NUTELLA from Oregon to celebrate!

I found my street!
Taylor Street
Waller, Texas

Dinner at Red Robin to Celebrate Texas Style!!!

Skyping with my cute family on Mother's Day!

MLC with my FAV Sister Soto!!!

Monday, May 2, 2016



So this week has been CRAZY and the best!

First off, I am training again!  Her name is Sister Breinholt and she is so awesome!  We are already best friends!  

We have had lots of miracles happen and we have started teaching a couple new families this week!  My miracle is going to be with the Webster family because we found them last Sunday, taught the Mom and daughter briefly, but yesterday we were able to teach the whole family the Restoration and wow! It was super powerful! The husband is a very knowledgeable man about religion (especially the Bible) and in his closing prayer he said, "help us to know there is more knowledge for us to learn through the Book of Mormon" and he mentioned he wants to have eyes to see the new knowledge he has been searching for!  We took the member who lives two houses down with us and she was even more amazed after the lesson at how powerful the spirit was!  It was such an amazing lesson and this family truly is seeking!

We had transfers Tuesday morning and since I was waiting from my cute new trainee AKA baby, I was able to be in a trio with Sister Tabolt and Dennett!  Super fun!  I have some pictures of our not planned matching outfits. :)

Then, Thursday was training meeting!  Only two sisters came to Houston this transfer!  I am so excited for the next two transfers with Sister Breinholt!  Miracles are waiting to happen! 

I have A LOT of pictures this week -- 


Hope Y'all have a great week and love you all! 

Sister Pinster

Official 1-Year Picture

Companion Pic - Pinster and Breinholt
District Picture

Found this cute decor outside tracking this week
Sister Bates and Elder Seamons
Last Family History Club of the semester with these wonderful
people.  LOVE THEM!
Found this AWESOME Jeffery R. Holland quote on a billboard on the way to Houston!
(Breinholt, Pinster, Tabolt and Dennett)