MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #9 - Miracles!


Well this week has been one to remember!  So many wonderful blessings and miracles have happened and I don't even know where to start! 

I guess first off, we were suppose to get our new sister on Thursday, but it turns out she's stuck in Provo at the MTC!  (There was a bat in their dorm room and they have to get rabies shots to make sure they weren't bitten).  The four of them in their room are coming to Houston, Texas and are known as the "Bat Sisters."  Super funny.  We will be getting her on Friday and we are soooo excited!

On Thursday, we went to a training meeting and learned what it means to truly plan and make goals.  Wow!  Eye-opening stuff!  As we have made our goals more about the people, we have been seeing so many miracles already!  This week, we were able to get to 5 new investigators!  That means 5 more people we are able to teach!!! Yay!  We stay busy, working in two wards, but now we are even more excited to bring more people unto Christ and to receive the fullness of the Gospel.

At our training meeting, we were challenged to invite someone to be baptized every since day.  And guess what?  My companion and I are totally going to win the challenge because we are both competitive and willing to do whatever our Mission President asks of us.  So far we haven't missed a day and we are seeing so many blessings!

I just want to bear my testimony on being exactly obedient!!  It works!  Heavenly Father has so many blessings in store for us, we just need to do our part to receive them.  I love being a missionary and sharing the Gospel every single day!  It's not easy, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  This is the Lord's work and we are just instruments in His hands! :)

Y'all are so amazing and I love you so much!  The Lord's work is hasting and the time is coming to step out of our comfort zones and get to work!

I would encourage all of you to watch the Mormon Messages by Elder Bednar, "Patterns of Light."  They are so great and perfect to share with friends and family members.

This week we have talked to some funny people, but real quick, I have to tell y'all about our investigator, Rick.  Oh my, I love this guy so much.  He is Hilarious!  He goes to a Mega-Church, like the biggest one in the country, and he's been really hard to get ahold of since he goes out of town a lot.  BUT!  One of his friends is actually a member in our Ward!  Say What!  Anyways, after dinner yesterday we went by his house and caught him as he was packing for his next trip.  He always jokes about how we are trying to save his soul and are very persistent.  Haha well, yes, we are, but we had the chance to bear our testimonies of this Gospel and the Book of Mormon and wow the Spirit was strong!  He told us he is going to continue to read the BOM while on his trip and somehow after we invited him to be baptized, he "pinky-promised" us he would!  Hahaha seriously that happened.  He wants to get sealed to his wife and we want to help him get there!  I just love him and he is just so prepared!  He loves us and we love teaching him.  I can't wait to see him progress even more! 

Anyways, so our week was sooo amazing and full of many miracles and blessings!  I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary!  Sister Peterson is the best trainer and I can't wait to get our new "baby" sister! Haha  Sister Peterson is also the STL (Sister Training Leader) and she's going to be training in a trio... no big deal.  She's the best and I love her sooo much! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love you all!! :) 

Sister Pinster 

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