MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week #6 - "HEY YAL"

HEY YAL - Welcome to Texas

This week has been a great week!  I don't have much time today, but I just want to bear my testimony of the importance of the Sacrament and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy!  I know that when we partake of the Sacrament, we are renewing our covenants with God and we are also able to be forgiven of our sins. Sooo many people forget the importance of the sacrament but I would just challenge all of you this week as you partake of the sacrament at church, to truly remember what the Savior has done for you and always remember Him! 

We also got 3 new investigators this week! But...something I am sooo happy about it the fact we had 3 Re-activations!!!!! Super exciting!!! We have been working a lot with Less Actives and I love it sooo much! This week we were able to talk a lot about the Sacrament and my testimony has grown and I am beginning to understand how truly important the sacrament is and how keeping the Sabbath Day holy is also part of it! 

I love all of you guys and keep up the great work y'all are doing! 

ALSO- We now have iPads and it is the best thing. I have been in Houston for 5 weeks now.  What? So crazy to me and I am loving every minute of it!!! 

Sometimes, we like to take selfies in the car...haha I love my companion.

Also, this lady is in my ward and she is the cutest Great-Grandma ever!

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