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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week #4 - Tornado & iPads Mission Conference

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey y'all! 

Well, I officially survived my first "official" week in Houston, Texas!  If you haven't heard, Houston flooded on Monday night (Memorial Day) and there was also a Tornado that touched down in downtown Houston.  But, thankfully, we did not experience much flooding here in Spring, Texas. It rained so much and I forgot how much I love thunder and lighting storms! (Reminds me of living in Kentucky!)

This week my companion and I ran into some funny people.  For example, on Monday while we were tracting, one man opened the door, looked at our name badges and said, "If you're not Catholic, God doesn't listen to you." And shut the door.  Sister Peterson and I just looked at each other and starting laughing so hard. "What just happened?" was all we could say. The people here are just so funny that way and I love it. Also on Monday, we ran into a salesman who basically tracked us down because he's an RM and wanted to go to a lesson with us. A lot of RMs come to Texas and sell pest control and we have already run into a couple this summer. 

On Tuesday, we had Mission Conference! Elder Nielson came and spoke to us about iPads!!!! Which we should be getting in the next couple of weeks and I am so so excited!! :) I saw Sister Soto, Sister Packard, Elder Gay and Elder Tidwell! It was such a fun reunion with everyone! I haven't seen Elder Tidwell in a couple of months and it was really nice seeing him.  I was able to sit by Sister Soto and she was telling me all about her area and how Elder Tidwell and her are now Bff's. Hahaha

I also gave out my first Book of Mormon on Tuesday! "I placed my first Book of Mormon!" No big deal...but seriously the man we gave it to wants to read and learn more about why it is so important to us! We are going to follow-up with him later this week. It was really funny because when he opened the door for us, he said, "What are two pretty young ladies doing on my doorstep?" He has to be at least in his 70's because he was telling us all about his grandbabies--such a nice and cute old man. 

Wednesday I taught my first "official" lesson on the Restoration to a lady named Lucia, who we met tracting the week before. She kept telling us, "This makes sense" and we are sooo excited to see her progress! We also ran into a very intelligent man later that day who grew up LDS but has a hard time with some of the teachings. He has studied over 100 different versions of the Bible but loves learning more and was willing to read the Book of Mormon! We testified to him and let him know that if he prays and asks God with a sincere desire to know if it the word of God, He will give him the answer he has been looking for. I am super excited to see him this week and find out how his reading and praying has been going!

Thursday was kind of a weird day because we spend most of the time doing Weekly Planning. Since it was my first time, we had to take almost 5 hours to plan. Crazy, right? And after that we went tracting and ran into some super sassy, not so nice, and overly nice people.  Later in the day, my companion and I were both prompted to get into our car and drive away. Not sure why, but I know Heavenly Father was warning us and protecting us.

Friday we had District Meeting and then we taught this super awesome lady, Bveon, about the Book of Mormon. She works all the time and so does her husband, but she wants to meet with us again! We also meet with a referral, Rick, who has read the BOM twice, knows it is true, but wants to learn more! And that's were we come in! He is so awesome and I can't wait to teach him!

Saturday we went tracting pretty much all day and followed up with some Less Actives, and on Sunday we had Stake Conference! Elder Satita spoke and the Spirit was so strong!  

We officially have 2 new investigators this week, we placed 5 BOMs, lots of potential investigators, and getting ready for 3 baptisms in June! Super exciting!! 

Love you all so much!! Thank you for the wonderful emails! The Church is true and I have the best calling because I get to share the happiness and joy I have because of the Gospel with others!! It is the best thing ever! It's not always easy, but it is definitely worth it and I love every minute of it! :)

Thanks again! Have a great week!

Sister Pinster :)

Oh and here is my awesome Companion and I! Love her! 

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