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Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #42 - Zone Conference, COPS, and more MIRACLES!


This week has been a great one and we are continuing to see the miracles!  So we set 2 more baptismal dates with Yesenia and her two boys this week all for March 26!  So prepared!  After we teach Plan of Salvation, our mission President has us teach Temples and History so they can "Begin with the End in mind!"  So this week we were able teach her the importance and blessings of Temples and she is so excited!  She has been calling her family to figure our her family tree already!  The spirit of Elijah is so real.  She also referred us to her friend who is now an investigator as well!  We plan on teaching the whole family!

Sandy is also on track for her date and the members are truly just loving her so much!  It's amazing!  She feels like she has friends and even though her family isn't 100% on board, she knows this is what she's been looking for.  It is amazing to see the change in her already!  Sandy is also really excited to get into family history and we have already set her Temple Date to do baptisms!  I know it's because we have truly helped them understand what the end goal is--eternal life with our families and it's only possible through the ordinances in the Temple.  We are just so excited for them!

So on Sunday we had almost every recent convert at church as well!  We realized how many recent converts there are and really tried to make the effort to make sure they were coming to church and then they came!  We are hoping to start them all with family history as well. :)  We are constantly finding to make sure we can continue our teaching pool and find those that are truly prepared for the gospel. :)  We have a couple new solid investigators who should be coming to church this next week as well!

Okay so story time . . .

One night, we were knocking on doors on what is said to be the "ghetto" (but really it's nothing compared to the Hearne area!) AND a cop shows up!  He asked us if we were Nuns because he ran our plates and figured we were some kind of missionaries.  Haha  It was a super funny experience.  He told us he had been getting calls that we were "suspicious" and he just told us to take it easy past dark ... well when it gets dark at 7 and prime time finding time is 6-8, it's makes it kind of hard.  But we are finding other places to go and tract as well.  But now I can officially say I've had the cops called on me ... for trying to share the gospel! :) best reason EVER!

This week was also Zone Conference.  President Mortensen always blows my mind!  My companion Sister Ray had to give a talk and she did sooo well!  So proud!  We were also given a new way to teach the first lesson and wow, it works!  I also got to be a part of a musical number for Zone Conference with Sister Bates (Soprano), Elder Berry (Tenor), Elder Mikesell (Guitar) and Sister Weaver (Piano) and I was the alto!  We sang a medley of "Love One Another" and "Heavenly Father Loves Me" with a 3rd verse.  It was so beautiful!  I have a recording but it's too long to send but we shall see! :)

This week has definitely been a great one! :)

 Here are some pics!

Love y'all!

Sister Pinster

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