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Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #41 - Keeps Getting BETTER!

Hey Y'all!

Seriously, I am so happy here in Waller County!  Sister Ray is amazing and is the perfect companion and knows how to get the job done!  We are always on the same page. :)

So ... drum roll please ... we set a baptismal date with SANDY!  March 12!  She's so ready. Her husband has not been very supportive but she is working through it and we are getting the members to reach out to her every day.  She loves church and feels at home and knows God has already answered her prayers.  She even told one of the LA who came to church yesterday that she is going to be joining!  So amazing.  Sandy is the best.

We also got 12 member presents this week and 10 new gators!  Planning is so key and we already have about 10 more lessons lined up for this week! :)

We are planning on setting a baptismal date with Yesenia tonight with her two boys for March, and we are going to start teaching her friend as well! It's amazing how many members in the Ward are converts!  I would say over half of them are because they all have amazing testimonies to share with investigators.  The Ward is so missionary minded and truly are already doing it on their own, we are just the ones who knock the doors.  We are also working with all of the recent converts now that we have officially met them all!  We are helping them see the bigger picture as the Temple, and plan on having the Thomas family go to the Temple for the first time this month! :)

This week has probably been one of the best weeks in the mission for me.  So much love and our investigators are progressing!  We have the Ward on our side and the Lord.  I can see the miracles happen every day and I'm so excited to see them this week as well.  I love being an STL and I truly do feel like a leader, and it's fun being in the loop of things. :)

Love the work!  Love the mission life.  And I love my Savior.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Here are some pics for y'all! :)

Sister Ray and I went to the Ward RS Activity, and we actually got asked last minute to teach a mini lesson during it, AND it was based off the movie, "8 Cow Woman!"  Super cute!  and cute pictures ...

At the Waller Chapel with my cute companion on Valentine's Day!
(We had the Elders take our pic, and now I have a
couple hundred selfies of them on my iPad ,,, Elders! ...)

Yesenia's 3-week-old puppy!!!

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