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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week #13 - The Church is TRUE!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey Y'all!!

So this week was great!  We had so many fun and weird times but hey it keeps life interesting, right? :) 

First off, I have the best District.  For real.  I love them.  We have been able to achieve all of our goals for this week and it feels so great!  We taught Kathy the Plan of Salvation-super interesting lifestyle and needs the Gospel in her life in order to be truly happy.  And we taught Lisa, oh Lisa.  She was a new investigator but then dropped us.  Basically she told us, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but beware of the Harlot" and we taught her the restoration on Tuesday and she dropped us on Friday.  She follows a false prophet from the internet . . . very interesting.  She agreed with basically everything we taught her but believes her prophet is the right one.  I love her, but one day she will realize.  I have hope for her.

On the plus side, we got 3 other new investigators this week!  Kaitlyn and Dakota!  Both sooo prepared and love the gospel already!  Dakota had read the BOM before we even started teaching her . . . what?  She's 17 and is going to be a senior!  Super excited to teach her more!  The youth is where it's at!

Also, on Wednesday it was the hottest day ever!  I burnt my finger twice on door bells when tracting!  It was so funny and the sisters and I laughed sooo hard.  It's officially summer here and you can feel it!  Oh, and there was a murder a couple streets over from us in another apartment complex--no big deal.  We were talking to a LA lady in our ward and she said she witnessed the whole thing.  Scary!  But yeah, that's Houston for ya. 

We are teaching Annabell, another new investigator and last week we taught her the Restoration and she loved it!  She told us she has praying to God to show her the way and then we showed up on her door step that night!  She knows we are the answer to her prayers!  Also, in the lesson, we felt prompted to talk about Temples and how families can be together forever, not something you normally bring up in the first lesson, but she started to tear up and wanted to know everything she can do to have that!  Wow!  The spirit was so strong and the church is true!  Everyone needs this gospel in their lives and I want to help everyone I meet come to know of this knowledge!

And on Sunday, Amanda our most progressing and solid investigator, came to church!  She told us she loved being here and wants to come back every week!  Ahh!  Her son wasn't able to come this week but we are going to get him to come next Sunday.  Today we are having FHE with her and another family in the ward and we are super excited!

One cool thing our mission president challenged us to do was to invite someone to be baptized every single day, and the companionship to go the longest will get to go have dinner with his family at one of the most famous steak places in Houston!  So it's been 33 days that we have invited someone to be baptized!  There is only like 5 companionships still in the game buuuut we are totally going to win!!!!
Well, this week was so great and so many miracles and blessings have happened and continue to happen!  I need to get better at taking pictures because I only have one for this week . . . and it's with our new gold car, Felisha. Haha 

The Church is True and the Book is BLUE!  I love the gospel and I loveeeee being a missionary!

I hope everyone is having a great week! :) 

Love y'all and share the gospel!

Sister Pinster

. . .  and this is our gold car, Felisha.


Sister Pinster

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