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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #25 - Happy Fall Y'all!


I just love Texas!  Especially the small towns I am currently serving in--Caldwell and Hearne.  The two branches are amazing and the members are so strong and getting motivated to do missionary work!  It's been such a change in the culture from the beginning of us opening this area and now!  I just feel so blessed to be a part of this!  I was able to go on exchanges this week with the YSA sisters covering Texas A&M.  Wow, what a difference.  Being on campus is a lot different than the small towns. I definitely live in A&M country! I loved being on campus and it was such a great experience!  I also got to ride a bike the whole time and WOW--I was not prepared for that.  Haha, but it was super fun!

We have started teaching the Mayor of Hearne!  Let me just say we are truly trying to convert the whole town!  Hahaha  His name is Ruben and his wife is Kathy.  They are progressing and wow, when we taught them the Restoration, they were so humble and accepting!  After the First Vision lesson, both of them said, "Wow" and we sat in silence and let the spirit take over.  When we invited them to be baptized, both of them said "Yes" with no hesitation or concerns.  That never happens!  Miracles!  We were just suppose to meet them, and I literally got emotional when they said yes.

The message we share is true.  Everyone needs to hear it and it's our turn to share it! The Restoration is such a powerful message!  Ruben and Kathy were so ready to read the Book of Mormon, it was inspiring.  Kathy even asked if there was a Bible Study she could go to and Ruben said, "You got one right here with these wonderful ladies!" It's crazy to think there really are people who have been waiting for this gospel.

Brother Love was our member who came with us, and he is a convert from the Baptist church, and Kathy was a Baptist as well!  Connection!  The best part was when Brother Love was explaining how his glass felt half full with the Baptist religion and when he found the Book of Mormon and the LDS Church, his cup is now overflowing.  Members are so amazing and if any of you have the chance, please go out with the missionaries! :)

So yeah, last week on P-day we went to a Safari that is in our area, super fun!  And yesterday at church it was suppose to be the primary program, but half of the branch was stuck at home because of the flooding from the hurricane, so they called us up to speak like two minutes before the meeting started.  Relying on the spirit was all we could do and it was a great experience!  I love giving talks now and being prepared is truly a blessing.  We also taught Relief Society so we hope no one was too tired of us talking :)

Oh and ... Brother Floyd Hafley is getting baptized on Sunday!  We moved his baptism date up because he is so ready and prepared! :)

There is just so much to do here!  We found 9 new investigators last week and we even had to teach a lesson this morning on P-Day to fit everything in! :)  The Lord is blessing us in so many ways and I can't thank Him enough.

I love being out here and I love this gospel so much!  It truly changes lives and brings so much happiness!

I hope everyone has a "blessed" week!

Sister Pinster

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