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Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #24 - A Week Full of Adventures!

October 19, 2015

What a week!  I don't even know where to start!
I guess the first thing that happened was on Wednesday... a deer hit us. Literally ran into the side of our car!  We had to go to Houston to go to the mission office and get a new car, but all is well and no one was hurt, besides the deer.
Then we had a crazy day of planning and since we went to Houston, we had to reschedule all of our appointments. We also went on exchanges this week, which was super fun! We had interviews with our mission president and wow, he's so amazing. We have been tracting a lot and found 5 new investigators this week! Now we have to work on getting them to progress! :)

Our investigator Brother Floyd Hafley is getting baptized on Nov. 7! I wanted to share his story today:

We found him tracting on August 15 (my birthday!). He slammed the door in our faces...Then when we were walking by back to our car, he wanted to talk to us and apologize and introduce us to his brother!  Weird, right?  Well, he had just recently lost his wife and was still grieving and didn't want to listen to missionaries, but then he felt like the message we had to share would help him...little did he know how much it truly would!  We lost contact with him for about a couple months and were unable to track him down, but then one day when we were in the neighborhood we saw his car and stopped by!  We scheduled an appointment, taught him the plan of salvation, and committed him to
start reading the Book of Mormon.  He came to church, went to a fireside held by the mission president, and last week we were able to go to the temple of grounds tours.  We invited him to be baptized but he was resistant.  This week we had him read 2 Nephi 31 and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we invited him at the end of the lesson, the Spirit was so powerful and he said yes!  It's been a journey but now he's on board and wants to do everything he can to prepare for baptism!  It's amazing!  
Sometimes, we need to be patient with others and with the Lord, and then the miracles come.  Our family we were teaching dropped us, but in return we found another family and more people who are interested!  There is seriously just not enough time out here! :)

Fun story, so we don't have a place to stay in Hearne, and this weekend we have been staying in a tent in the backyard of our Branch President.  Good thing we love camping!  Haha it's been such an
adventure and I love being able to help hasten the Lord's work! :)

Today we are going to a drive thru Safari and we are so excited!  Hope everyone has a great week and can't wait to hear from y'all!  Love you!

Sister Pinster

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