MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #60 - Families are FOREVER!

Howdy Everyone!

Well, this week we set two baptismal dates!  One with Kristy Hernandez and also her son!!! Her daughter is a recent convert and next we are working on the dad! We went to the Temple to walk around before one of the Mission President's fireside and Kristy felt the spirit so strong there! She told us this was the best feeling she has had since her kids were born!  We have raised the whole family's vision to be sealed in the Temple!  And on top of that, Sacrament meeting yesterday was all on the blessings of the Temple and Kristy was soaking it all in! And the night before we taught her about Temples and Family History!  It was so amazing and she thought we had planned the whole thing at church but we just testified that the Lord wanted her to hear the things spoken. It was so amazing! The Temple is such a blessing and I know it is were we truly can be sealed to our families! :)


My testimony has truly been strengthened this week in the Temple. Teaching the simple doctrines of how we can be with our families forever to people who have never heard of how it happens has changed me.  Sometimes I feel as members we don't understand what we truly have until we met someone who doesn't have the same knowledge.  AND that's why I love being a missionary!  Sharing the plain and simple truths we have BECAUSE of the Restoration of the Gospel! :)

So that was yesterday - Oh and I also saw my "friend" yesterday! Don't worry, we have pictures. Hahaha :)

Let me just tell y'all, serving a mission is the Bomb. I can't imagine spending my time doing anything else at this moment in life. :)

We were able to visit Washington On-The-Brazos which is the town where Texas signed their independence! One of the members took us and it was super cool to learn more about Texas History. I love Texas so much. :)

Love y'all and hope y'all had a great week!

Sister Pinster

These twins are the cutest 3-year-old kids EVER!

My comp, Sister B, passed her 8-week checkup!  Yahoo!!!

The RS Pres took us to a boat restaurant and it was super "interesting" haha -- we had to take pictures!
It was great! And that is HER truck -- you should see her husband's!
Everything is bigger and better here for sure!

Dog Pile of recent converts and missionaries!

My weekly animal picture!

Old school checkers at the historical sight we visited today
Temple with Kristy!

Oh, and look who it is!  :)

We both got our hair cut last Monday

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