MAY 6, 2015 - NOVEMBER 23, 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #51 - The Rains came down, and the Floods came up! ☔

Hey y'all!

Well, we survived the floods this week! I have some great pics to send out today!

But yeah so this week has been very different but full of miracles!

We have seen miracles because of our goals and faith!  We made it a  goal to get 7 days of 15 ITLS (Invitations to Learn) and we did it!  We  didn't know it was going to flood and throw off our schedule, but we made sure we went finding/tracting every night.  The Lord truly blessed us every night with new people to teach and we ended up having 10 new investigators this week!  What a miracle!  Our next plan is to get them  progressing and to church! :)

We have been doing LOTS of service this week with all the flood victims!  It's been super sad to see all of the houses being destroyed and has truly opened my eyes to make sure you always have a 72 hour kit.  The people here are truly being humbled and are turning to God for answers.  It's been amazing to see!

Well, that is about all for this week!

Love y'all and stay safe!

Sister Pinster

Houston Temple after the flooding.
The water stopped at the gates.  Pretty amazing!

A recent convert's house ... good thing they have flood insurance!

Boat ride during the flood!

A ward member going for a stroll!
Sister Tabolt and Sister Selee taking a break ...
Closest we will come to swimming on our missions!
Service with the Sisters (Tabolt, Pinster, Selee, Ray)
(Good thing I am a DUCK)
Sad day.  Sister Ray is being transferred ...

Serious faces
Favorite members!  Pri and Dr. Sam

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